It was as all hands-on deck at Kendalls Florist in July, when we were approached to provide the plants and flowers, for the inaugural Aramco Ladies European Golf Tournament at Centurion Club near Hemel Hampstead.  We were delighted work alongside the events team from Performance 54 on this ground-breaking event which forms part of the Ladies European Golf Tour 2021.

It was a an amazing opportunity to design and select the right flowers, colours, blooms, and trees, yes trees! and to place them around the various player, sponsors and guest areas. We wanted to ensure that our arrangements enhanced the hard work that goes into putting on an event of this scale, but I’m sure you’ll agree they all looked stunning.

In the main hospitality area, Phalanopsis Orchids were chosen to create a modern feel to this bustling area.

Our large single displays and fabulous selection of house plants were placed in the Hospitality Lounge, VIP area, Dining Room and Main Reception at Centurion, which were admired by all.

We created a number of vibrant Hand tied bouquets in goldfish bowls for the Players Lounge.

Olive, Bay, Conifers and Cloud Clipped trees were strategically placed in areas and entrances to the various entertaining areas – indoors and outdoors, to ensure maximum impact.

Behind the scenes… hand-tieds all lined up and waiting to be delivered to the tournament

and driving around the event delivering trees in our golf buggy was so much fun!

This amazing ladies golf tournament ran for 5 days, and the Kendalls Florist team were so glad to be part of it and were delighted with the outcome.

If you are thinking of organising a large event and require flower displays, plant arrangements or more, please get in touch with us at Kendalls Florist to discuss your requirements.

Louise Wilkes