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Flower Care

Our flowers are carefully conditioned to maximise their life before they reach you. Scroll down on this page for more information. By following the care instructions, you will prolong your flower life. Our flower quality is guaranteed – if for any reason you are not satisfied, please let us know. 

Hand Tied Arrangement Care 

It is important not to untie your flowers as the stems have been ‘spiralled’ to create the design. Remove outer wrapping and trim stem ends. Place arrangement in a suitable container and fill with water.

Avoid putting flowers in a draughty or hot location and keep out of direct sunshine.

Flower Arrangement Care 

Make sure that the container is filled to the brim with water and is topped up each day. If the flowers have been arranged in a water retaining material (which has the property of soaking up water like a sponge,) keep it damp by adding water to the container regularly.

Keep the arrangement away from draughts and radiators. The cooler the room, the longer the flowers will last. 

Rose Care

Cut the stems and place immediately in DEEP water up to the neck. Leave in a cool place for a "good drink". Arrange in a DEEP vase or again, cut the stems to suit the vase, allowing for plenty of stem in the water.

DO NOT leave roses in a draught, near heat, or in direct sunshine.

If the roses should flop at their heads, re-cut and plunge the stems only into boiling water for a short time.

Cut Flower Care

Carefully remove all wrapping, cut the end of the stems and hammer hard, woody stalks. Stand in deep water for two hours in a cool shady place, free from draughts before arranging in clean vases. Make sure that there is no foliage in the water and if necessary, strip off lower leaves. Top up with water daily.

Avoid leaving vases in direct sunlight, heat or draughts.

If Roses hang their heads or Chrysanthemums wilt, stand their stalks in hot water for fifteen minutes to drive out any air locks. Keep flowers away from fruit and remove faded flowers as they occur.
Planted Bowl Care

Never stand in line of direct heat, or on a window sill which is draughty or cold in winter. Apply tepid water only when soil begins to feel dry to the touch half an inch below the surface.
Faded blooms or discoloured leaves should be removed immediately. Leaves should be sponged with water once a week to remove dust and grime.

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