We were contacted by Nicola and Jeremy with a rather unusual brief, to create a beautiful vintage wedding floral arrangement. Now the big day is over, it’s time to reflect, here are just a few snippets from their amazing vintage wedding. 

Where was the wedding venue? 

The wedding was held at Gaynes Park, Essex, I love this venue, it’s has a stylish and contemporary barn on a historic country estate with amazing gardens and was the ideal location for my vintage inspired wedding.

What was the theme of the wedding reception?

 I wanted a vintage, ‘gardeny’ quaint feel as the wedding theme. We had birdcages hanging in the gardens which were stunning, jugs and cake stands on the tables with the most beautiful simple flowers – amazing!

What was your brief to Kendalls florist for the wedding flowers?

When I met Louise she got exactly what I wanted straight away, she took all of my ideas on board, mixed with hers and hey presto….best wedding flowers ever! I specifically requested nude pink roses ( I knew would be a massive challenge) but Kendall’s did not disappoint, I was ecstatic when they provided the exact shade I was lusting after.

I think I hugged Louise on my wedding day morning. I may have scared her but I was so impressed, and I hadn’t even seen the reception barn or ceremony room yet! “Happy memories”

It was a gorgeous sunny day, the venue was amazing, the gardens were immaculate and the flowers were perfect. 

I couldn’t have asked for more.

I am also expecting the hubbie to provide an enormous Kendall’s bouquet for Valentines.